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The project Glincolti began in 2007 from an idea of Alessandro Tedesco, then OJM's guitarist, and his friend and drummer Roberts Colbertaldo.

After a few months rehearsing and experimenting they decided to get Andrea Zardo involved as bass player. His contribution started shaping the band's instrumental sound, basically made of a juxtaposition of neurotic riffs and melodic interludes, often leaving room for long unbounded improvisation parts.


In 2008 a second guitar has been unexpectedly preferred to the more traditional choice of a leading voice in order to complete the sound of the band.


The six strings sound of Federico-Jek-Iacono, whose chords and psychedelic arpeggios perfectly blend with those of Alessandro and the whole band's sound.


Together they kept on brewing up a groovy mixture of progressive rock, funk and jazz accurately displayed in the band'first record "Visti & Imprevisti".


From the funky-jazz riff of the opening track leading through the dark and wild atmospheres of the "Pirati" suite, their music tells a story made of various situations, really unlike one another but all united by the same unbroken thread.


Each song ends up into the following one that slyly brings along something of the previous.





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