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1. Barrett
2. Nice Times
3. Gimme More
4. Crimson Circus part.I
5. Shiny Door
6. Chains
7. The Bronze Muse
8. Crimson Circus part.II
9. L.S.D.
10. A Waste of Time
11. Sad Sun
12. Crimson Circus part.III
13. Gimme Shelter (bonus track)
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Reborn is the first official album from Muzzled. The CD distinguishes itself thanks to the coarse and powerfull sound, which could be compared to other groups from the stoner-rock scene, combined to a significantly sixties style that brings us back to the real background of this band, almost as to glimpse from far away "The Zeppelin" airship. The music is pure energy and andrenaline, the very same energy that can be heard during live concerts, Muzzled completes all of it with a touch of psychedelic, embracing experimental and "noise" sound. Among the songs there are a few references to the past such as the pinkfloydish "Barrett" and revisitations such as Gimme Shelter from the Stones, with the vocals by David Martin (OJM). Other mentionable collaborators to this project are: Stefano Pasky (OJM - Poison Deluxe) cymbals, in "Nice Times", "Sad Sun" and "Shiny doors" and Max Ear (OJM - Poison Deluxe) percussions in "Crimson Circus, part III". In addition to all that, there's also the new single from the band "Gimme More". The album has been recorded at Garage Studio in Conegliano (Italy) and it's been produced with the help, expertise and collaboration from Max Ear. Reborn it's the new Rock revolution that dreams about a future sound but...looking backwards. Now, you just have to listen...

Release date: November 2010
Producer: Max Ear
File under: Stoner-Rock, Heavy-Psychedelia, Hard-Rock

Band: CD
3,00 €

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