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Underdogs are a powerful and versatile trio inspired by desert rock, grunge and hardcore. They were born in 2004 and soon they reached a respectable place in stoner underground scene, thanks to a lot of granitic and wild gigs all over Italy and abroad, supporting cult bands such as Nebula, Josiah, Colour Haze, OJM, Joe Lalli (Fugazi), The Answer, Brant Bjork (Kyuss), and more. The debut album "Ready To Burn" was released in 2007 by Go Down Records, followed in 2009 by the unplugged EP "Dogs Without Plugs", which was self-produced and available for free download. 2 years after they recorded new album and changed the drummer.The long-time dynamic duo Simone (bass and vocals) and Michele (guitars) have joined forces with new drummer Alberto and this super-union of rock-and-roll power is a force to be reckoned with! With an arsenal of influences, the new album "Revolution Love" (2011) steps up to the plate and delivers a grand slam every time. The berliner gig of "Revolution Love" european tour was been recorded and the bootleg is available for free download. In January 2013, the 3 Underdogs members joined forces with the Austrian singer Elvis Nine, to continue his project called Solrize, a well known band in European and American stoner scene. Solrize tour ran through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France. In summer 2013 Underdogs were at work for next chapter, a brand new album completely different from the past, but with some old fixed points that had marked their songwriting. This album is titled "Underdogs" and has been released for digital download in July 2014 by Garage Records. Go Down Records released the vinyl version in September 2014.


Underdogs è un potente e versatile trio grunge e stoner, con attitudine hardcore. Apprezzati in Italia e all'estero dal 2005, grazie a live intensi e granitici, facendo spalla a band come Nebula, Josiah, Colour Haze, OJM, Joe Lalli (Fugazi), The Answer, Brant Bjork (Kyuss). Nel 2007 esce l'album d'esordio "Ready To Burn" pubblicato da Go Down Records e molto apprezzato dagli amanti dello stoner. Nel 2009 esce autoprodotto l'EP "Dogs Without Plugs", contenente 7 tracce unplugged e disponibile in free download. 2 anni dopo realizzano "Revolution Love" (2011), un disco intenso e variegato, che pur mantenendo l'amore per lo stoner kyussiano degli esordi inserisce nuovi spunti melodici grunge e ritmiche "speedy" rubate al punk e al noise. Con un nuovo batterista parte il tour europeo, la data berlinese viene registrata ed il bootleg è disponibile in free download. A gennaio 2013 i 3 membri della band si uniscono al cantante austriaco Elvis Nine per proseguire il suo progetto Solrize, band molto conosciuta nella scena stoner europea e americana. Il tour di Solrize con la line-up italiana fa tappa in Italia, Svizzera, Austria, Germania, Repubblica Ceca, Francia. Gli Underdogs tornano in studio ad agosto 2013 per realizzare il nuovo capitolo, un disco completamente diverso dai precedenti, ma con alcune connessioni col proprio passato. A luglio 2014 viene pubblicato l'album omonimo in digital download da Garage Records. Go Down Records pubblica la versione in vinile a settembre 2014. 


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Band: Showcase
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