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Licantropy band 2020



The LICANTROPY was born during the first full moon of May 2017 around the Venetian moorland.


Following an instinctive and primordial attraction, Tommaso Mantelli (Captain Mantell, AMA, Kirlian, Il Teatro Degli Orrori), Luca Ramon (Hope You're Fine Blondie, Waterproof) and Alberto De Lazzari (LAD, Industria Onirica) recorded their 1st album We Were Wolves during a one night long jam session, both for music and lyrics, playing raw sounds with punk attitude. The musicians, under the pseudonyms of Tom Wolf, Luke Sky Wolfer and Royal Albert Wolf, do not stand to musical clichés, they prefer to take unexpected and destabilizing drifts, that tell you an ironic point of view, bizarre episodes and adventures on lycanthropy.


Soon another wolf joined the herd. His name is Self, he is a graphic artist who shared his big talent to create the fantastic image of the band, working for cover artworks, gig posters, scenic set up, videoclips and live visuals. This psychedelic fusion between music and visual art is now the core of the project. So the trio began to play several live shows in clubs and friend houses, not as human beings commonly understood, but as 3 indomitable creatures ready to bite the audience and push them to raw and wild instincts.


They shared the stage with bands such as The Devils, Karovas Milkshake, Dirty Coal Trains, Cuore Matto, Dallas and many others. One year later another crazy full moon forced the three werewolves to record their sophomore album, called Extrabiliante. It’s a multiform blend of styles which binds together psychedelia, garage, punk, rock'n'roll and a fine stream of pop taste.




Tommaso Tom Wolf  Mantelli | guitar, vocals

Luca Luke Sky Wolfer  Ramon | drums, percussion, vocals

Alberto Royal Albert Wolf  De Lazzari | organ, synth, vocals