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Mother Island

Mother Island is an Italian Psychedelic Rock band


MOTHER ISLAND is a surreal, whimsical, and lunatic space where five musicians resurface their primary and dawning influences. Mother Island is "A Magic Theatre, For Madmen Only". Mother Island is all in the eyes of the men. 


Their sound has been described as "the scorching heat of the Westcoastian psychedelia filtered by a lysergic British fog"; in fact, their influences are synthesized through a personal reinterpretation of the visionary rock of the 60s.


The band previously released two albums via Go Down Records, both recorded by Matteo Bordin (Mojomatics, Squadra Omega) at Outside Inside Studio: Cosmic Pyre (2015) and Wet Moon (2016). Before entering again Matt's recording studio back in June of 2018, Mother Island toured along the West Coast of the US to test their new stuff, a bunch of fresh jangle songs you'll find on their third record: Motel Rooms, released on May of 2020 by Go Down Records.


Still twangy, still psychedelic... what is to come makes you think about a deeply surf-oriented flair that will make people move their feet! Touring intensely to promote their second album, sharing the stage with artists such as Mark Lanegan, The Pretty Things, Jacco Gardner, Kula Shaker, and Dead Meadow, collecting approvals inside and outside Italy, the band is surfing its buena onda, ready more than ever to bring abroad their personal reinterpretation of what was rock'n'roll in its golden era.




Anita Formilan | vocals

Nicolò De Franceschi | guitar

Nicola Tamiozzo | guitar

Giacomo Totti | bass

Jody Berton | drums





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