NOT MOVING is an Italian rock group born in 1981 established in Piacenza, well known among the most important bands of the Italian underground of the 80s. The name comes from the homonymous DNA’s track by Arto Lindsay, included in the 1978 compilation No New York and which inspired the band at the beginning of its career. The founding members are Tony 'Face' Bacciocchi on drums, Dany Dallagiovanna on bass and Paolo Molinari on guitar. Later they recruit the front woman Rita 'Lilith' Oberti and Mariella 'Severine' Rocchetta on keyboards. Their sound recalls post punk (The Cramps, X, Gun Club), psychedelic rock from the sixties (13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds), surf music and New York-style punk rock. In 1982, a chance meeting at a concert declares the entry into the band of 'Dome La Muerte' Petrosino of the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, one of the most powerful and important Italian hardcore punk bands of the time. From now on the sound changes radically, turned into an American acid rock style of garage imprint.

"We had being touring for seven years. Seven years full of alcohol, laughters, spits, skin, bones, vomiting, records, tears, sperm and free-for-all. Seven years in which the rock'n'roll dream seemed to become true (going on stage before the boots of Paul Simonon, Johnny Thunders or Joe Strummer and getting the respect of people like John Peel, Miles Copeland and Jello Biafra), but it wasn't so and slowly everything was more and more distant, swallowed by the darkness that has always attracted the Piacenza’s band as a black hole. However, the band was able to light up with its sinister glow the best years of Italian rock'n'roll: the rock’n’roll that rises up from its underwear, not the intellectual one that leaks down from the brain and that today invades us like a death sentence".

(Reverendo Lys Dimauro)






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