The legendary Italian band NOT MOVING was born in the early 80's, inspired by The Cramps, X, Gun Club and influenced by the 60’s psychedelia (13th Floor Elevator, Seed), as well as by the New York surf-punk scene (Patti Smith, Dead Boys, Real Kids). They shared the stage with The Clash, Pankow, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Jello Biafra and other cult bands.

This boxset contains a CD and a DVD featuring good quality live material from 1984-1987 years and a long series of interviews. NOT MOVING actually did Italian rock’n’roll’s history, playing punk, garage, wild rock and psychedelia with authentic involvment. This collection wants to be the recognition they deserved, as well as a fundamental footstep for the recovery of their musical path. The album starts from the early tracks to rediscover the atmospheres of those years. There are also the more popular singles, that are difficult to get hold because all albums are out of print. The CD contains also some unreleased tracks and the DVD is full of treasures, for more than 1 hour of music and videos.






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