The group was founded in 1989. The first demos explored the sound of garage-rock, merging with that of the Nineties. In 1994, with the release of the single Lord Of Suicide, distributed by Boundless Records, an independent label from Ravenna, the band shapes its sound and approach to the Grunge movement of those years. Again with Boundless Records, they produced the album Stranded (1996) and the Ep Overload (1998), and their songs are published in several compilations, not only Italian. Years of tireless activity, these, with many concerts throughout Italy and a tour in Germany and Poland, until they become a remarkable reality in the Italian underground scene. They play as opening act in important Italian gigs of bands like The Foo Fighters, Motorpsycho and Nomads, participating in various rock and metal events with bands like Extrema and Skiantos. In 2010, after several years of inactivity, the original band of Lord Of Suicide meets again for a few concerts. Here they show the desire to carry out new projects. Starting all over, from where they have stopped, in 2015, the band comes out with new album, titled Enjoy, released by Go Down Records. The album is a mix of grunge, stoner-rock and New York noise references. Out of Order rediscover the complexity of the ‘90s sounds, the massive influence for the band, from the very beginning. Solid sound match heavy grunge, with mature bluesy propension, psychedelic feautures, and strong stoner shades. An ambitious project, strongly wanted by the band. Looking back to the past to see the future.


Mirco | vocals

Savoia | guitar

Alberto | guitar

Kiodo | drums

Epi | bass guitar





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