ALiX - Ground

ALIX's energetic, estrogenic post-grunge stoner rock is smooth and refreshing, and will go down a storm with anyone fiending for some from-the-gut performances with lead-heavy grooves and soulful singing. Just the right mix of head-down rock and roll and smoke-choked hypnotics, making for some irresistible bliss, Italian-style. The biggest surprise comes from vocalist Alice Albertazzi – sort of a mix between PJ Harvey and Eleven/Desert Sessions siren Natasha Shneider. She brings an earthy, primal yowl to these catchy fuzz rock jams.


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ALiX - Ground

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  • Artist: ALiX
    Title: Ground
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2004
  • 1. Out Of The Sighs
    2. Ground
    3. I'll Be Gone
    4. Fun
    5. Spirit
    6. Like A Flood
    7. Take My Hands
    8. Lonely
    9. Love
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