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CLEPSYDRA - Tropicarium

Tropicarium is the 4th album by CLEPSYDRA. This record is enriched by the sounds of Sandro Abbondanza, who is playing the Fender Rhodes and organ. The concept of the album has been developed toghether with the artist Andrea Di Felice and the DJ Andrea Mathis, who both are participating in lyrics writing. The work started from a pencil sketch, a trip, a sound, a scent. This particular approach created a kind of “beehive” where everyone has raised their own “species”, making the 13 tracks also visible through the paintings by Andrea Di Felice. The balance of “Tropicarium” is held firmly by the awareness that everything is cyclical and that what we lose will be found for sure somewhere else.



CLEPSYDRA - Tropicarium

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: CLEPSYDRA
    Title: Tropicarium
    Format: CD
    Release date: December 2015
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