The Starmakers project was born in 2011 from an idea of David Lenci. The outcoming album is a record entirely registered on reel at the Red House Recording Studio in Senigallia, which is one of the most important studio for rock and alternative recordings in Italy. It was completed with overdubs at Sotto il Mare Studios in Verona. Guests of this album are Mauro Poli (Soyuz) and Sergio Carlini (Three Second Kiss). The Starmakers' music reminds of that dusty rock of Master of Reality and The Screaming Trees. Psychedelia and memories of the best grunge dated 90's fuses with alternative sounds and blues songwriting. David Lenci is one of the most esteemed and experienced sound engeneer and producer in Italy, but not only. In his almost 20 years of career, he worked with Steve Albin, Uzeda, Rob Ellis, Charlotte Hatherley and he founded the Read House Blues Revue with Sean Meadow (June of 44).



E' ormai cosa certa il ritorno del principe David Lenci & The Starmakers. A fine 2013, la Go Down Records ha dato alle stampe un album di 10 tracce scritte dal pugno di David Lenci. L'album è stato registrato su bobina ai Red House Recording Studios di Senigallia ed è stato completato con degli overdubs al Sotto Il Mare Studio di Verona. Nell'album troviamo ospiti Mauro Poli (Soyuz) e Sergio Carlini (Three Second Kiss). La musica dei Starmakers ricorda il rock polveroso di Masters Of Reality e Screaming Trees. Psichedelia e ricordi del miglior grunge anni 90 si fondono con sonorità alternative, southern rock e cantautorato blues. David Lenci è uno dei più importanti tecnici del suono e produttore italiani e non solo. Nella sua ventennale carriera ha collaborato con Steve Albini, Uzeda, Rob Ellis, Charlotte Hatherley e ha fondato la Red House Blues Revue con Sean Meadows.

DAVID LENCI & THE STARMAKERS - David Lenci & The Starmakers

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    Title: David Lenci & The Starmakers
    Format: LP+CD


    1. Refugee
    2. Heartattack
    3. Old Guys Never Die
    4. Carlo
    5. Beating Hearts
    6. A Matter Of Choice
    7. Sailing To A Dream
    8. The Faraway Son
    9. The Circle Game
    10. The Train Has Gone
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