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DOME LA MUERTE E.X.P. - Lazy Sunny Day

Dome La Muerte E.X.P. is the new project by Mr. Dome La Muerte, guru of Italian Rock’n’Roll. It all started in 2011 when he experienced his first solo recording, Poems For Renegades, characterized by a highly psychedelic-folk print. Those were the first seeds spread to conceive the album Lazy Sunny Day (LSD), produced by Cinedelic with Go Down Records, recorded and arranged with the band E.X.P. Its sound is mainly instrumental and inspired by the Spaghetti Western soundtracks, the Beat Generation, the country of India, the hippie movement, the stream of consciousness, and, last but not least, the culture and spirituality of the Native Americans, which Dome feels deep respect and admiration for. The record is a heartfelt tribute to everybody who believes in the beauty of their dreams and chases them with conviction and perseverance. The E.X.P. are Luca Valdambrini and Alessandro Quaglierini (former Surfer Joe And His Boss Combo and Pam E I Pipelines), Emiliano Giuliani (former Liars and original member of The Diggers).



DOME LA MUERTE E.X.P. - Lazy Sunny Day

€ 12,00Price
  • Artist: DOME LA MUERTE E.X.P.
    Title: Lazy Sunny Day
    Format: CD
    Labels: Cinedelic | GO DOWN RECORDS
    Release date: February 2017

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