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EL-THULE - Zenit

5 years after the previous album Green Magic, the heavy-drug rockers EL-THULE are now back with a new full-length album. Zenit was recorded in the band's own studio and it includes 12 tracks. It’s a concept-album based on the ancient legends that gave name to the stars and about the re-discovery of the union between world/humans/life. The founding member and bass guitarist El Comandante left the band, but the remaining members were determined to continue as a duo and they did a great job, taking care of every single aspect of Zenit. From the artwork which is full of symbolic illustrations, to the lyrics that for the first time are all in Italian language. The main goal was to sound more heavy and with a deeper impact, passing through a new way to compose the music. This album wants to be a big step forward for a band that evolves its sound time after time. The new songs are less dilated, more direct and spontaneous than the previous ones, with a new melodic approach of the vocals, that is finally used as an additional instrument. The release of Zenit crowns the 10th anniversary of the band, too.

EL-THULE - Zenit

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: EL-THULE
    Title: Zenit
    Format: digi CD
    Release date: March 2012
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