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ELECTRIC 69 - s/t

High Gain Motor City Rock'n'Roll. Well experienced, superior quality sound and great taste: that’s a Must! 
2 years after their previous and debut CD Let’s Play Two, the band ELECTRIC 69, led by Wood’s former leader Maury and Steve B. (OneFineDay and Cycle Records), get to a real turning point with this full length where the earlier raw hard/rock’n’roll bend to a more arranged sound. The new gear is due to the new band member, the awesome Don Luke with his Fender Rhodes.
A mix of: rock'n'roll with aggressive chords and mild riffs. Radio Birdman, Hellacopters, Ac/Dc, Humble Pie, Rolling Stones, The Who, Faces, Sonic Rendezvouz Band, Stax Records, Black Crowes.



ELECTRIC 69 - s/t

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: ELECTRIC 69
    Title: s/t
    Format: CD
    Release date: March 2008
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