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FAKIR THONGS started their musical experience in January 2012 with a volcanic activity to compose their first tracks and play live in the Emilia Romagna area. They’re inspired by '90s stoner rock and '70s space rock and they love to combine catchy melodies with psychedelic atmospheres, in a clever musical medley. In January 2013 they recorded their first EP featuring Omid Jazi's production and they played as opening act for Italian bands such as Fast Animals And Slow Kids, Nadar Solo, Apres La Classe, Criminal Jokers, Void Of Sleep, but also the German band Zodiac and the Polish band Tides Of Nebula. In 2015 they released their full length debut album “Habanero”. In 2016 they worked on new songs. In 2017 they took part to the Soundart Festival, in Bucarest, sharing the stage with bands like Exivious, Groove Therapist e SL Theory. The same year they started new album recording sessions featuring Oliver Pranzini on keyboard. In 2018 their 2nd full length album “Lupex” has been released, it contains 10 new tracks and a new dose of stoner, psychedelic and progressive rock. The European promotion started with a tour across Croatia, Hungary and Romania, taking part to Soundart Festival in Cluj and Timișoara, sharing stage with Stoned Jesus and Methadone Skies.



I FAKIR THONGS iniziano la loro esperienza musicale a gennaio 2012 con un periodo di attività vulcanica per comporre il loro primo repertorio da suonare dal vivo in Emilia Romagna. Sono ispirati dallo stoner rock degli anni '90 e dallo space rock degli anni '70, combinando melodie orecchiabili ad atmosfere psichedeliche, in un efficace medley musicale. A gennaio 2013 registrano il loro primo EP con la produzione di Omid Jazi e si esibiscono in apertura a gruppi italiani come Fast Animals And Slow Kids, Nadar Solo, Apres La Classe, Criminal Jokers, Void Of Sleep, ma anche la band tedesca Zodiac e la band polacca Tides Of Nebula. Nel 2015 pubblicano il loro primo album “Habanero”. Nel 2016 lavorano su nuove canzoni. Nel 2017 partecipano al Soundart Festival di Bucarest, condividendo il palco con Exivious, Groove Therapist e SL Theory. Nello stesso anno iniziano le sessioni di registrazione del secondo album “Lupex”, con la partecipazione di Oliver Pranzini alle tastiere. Esce nel 2018 e contiene 10 brani, per una nuova dose di stoner, rock psichedelico e progressive. La promozione europea li porta a suonare in Croazia, Ungheria e Romania, dove partecipano al Soundart Festival di Cluj e Timișoara con gruppi come Stoned Jesus e Methadone Skies.


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  • Artist: FAKIR THONGS
    Title: Lupex
    Format: digi CD
    Release date: June 2018

  • 1. No Tears

    2. State Of Grace

    3. Poison Me Twice

    4. Pen Strokes

    5. Wasting Your Smile

    6. A Secret To Unfold

    7. Hormiga Bite

    8. Lady Bell

    9. Reaching The Coast

    10.Luxia Rajosa

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