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FATSO JETSON - Live At Maximum Festival

Here is the CD edition of FATSO JETSON’s full performance on the Italian stage at the Maximum Festival 2013! The digisleeve box includes a poster and the code for HD streaming or download of the live footage.

A cult band at the antipodes of the stoner rock wave, Fatso Jetson has always remained unfairly on the edge of the mainstream scene, even though we are talking about one of the pioneers of the movement, along with Kyuss and Fu Manchu.

With the Fu Manchu band, they also share the same hometown Palm Desert, California. If we also consider that Mario and Larry Lalli were among the founders of Yawning Man, it’s clear how important these musicians are for the birth and growth of desert rock.

Although they’re the godfathers of a genre highly marked by music loops, Fatso Jetson stands out from any other band due to its dynamic and eclectic sound. Especially since 2010, when the band has returned with a nearly punk-sounding record after eight years of hiatus.

Live At Maximum Festival shows not only that Fatso Jetson is more alive than ever, but also their musical development. Nowadays, they’re playing a mix of hard rock, jazz, blues, country, psychedelia, and acid-prog, while only an echo of the monolithic stoner sound remains.

50 minutes of fast and furious live act led by Mario’s eclectic vocals. There’s only one thing to say at the end of listening: wow!

Go Down Records pays homage to one of the most influential bands of desert rock.

Thanks to the 2014 vinyl edition of this live album, we have become a recognized label outside Italy. In return, we hope to give back some of the satisfaction this band deserves!



FATSO JETSON - Live At Maximum Festival

€ 15,00Price
  • Artist: FATSO JETSON
    Title: Live At Maximum Festival
    Format: digisleeve CD with poster and HD streaming or download of the full performance
    Release date: July 22nd 2022
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