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FUCKVEGAS - Fuckfuckvegas

FUCKVEGAS is bone crushing noise, kind of noise that wraps you up and it's so goddamn huge that it gets hold of you and makes you wanna smash everything! Giulio Favero (One Dimensional Man) engineered these six tracks down at "Blocco A" studio, he played guitar in "Drop A Line" and succeded in capturing a sound that cuts through your whole body and makes it suddenly shake, helplessly.

A powerful mix of grunge, noise and stoner rock, songs that continuously stop and go, loud melodies that breathe, change shape, run fast, stumble, fall down and get up again.

A distinctive debut album, Fuckfuckvegas is the best mix of acid-rock and post-noise, between Kyuss and Fu Manchu, Melvins and Neurosis, One Dimensional Man and Aphex Twin. "The natural state of brain is chaos"

THEY ALREADY HAVE PLAYED WITH: OJM, Made Out Of Babies, One Dimensional Man, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, Teatro Degli Orrori, Petrol, Suma, Moho, Derrota and others.

FUCKVEGAS - Fuckfuckvegas

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  • Artist: FUCKVEGAS
    Title: Fuckfuckvegas
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2007
  • 1. Fu
    2. You Fall Alone
    3. Drop A Line
    4. The Real Show
    5. 3 Years Hold
    6. I Didn't Mean It... It's A Crime
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