This new album from GLI AVVOLTOI is based on the novel “Despero” by Gianluca Morozzi, which tells a “rock” love story, full of broken hopes, but also dreams came true. The band have composed a soundtrack of the novel, using their own personal style, as they are used to do from the beginning in the mid 80's. Since then the band has grown up, passing through several phases and finally reaching a unique sound, as unique are the live performances. They've made a concept album, developing the themes of Morozzi's novel, composing music that follows the story's moods, going from dreamy to rough melodies track by track. The leitmotif is the 70's sound, like in the previous album Amagama” (2014 Go Down Records). It's hard to define them with only one genre, even more with this new chapter. The Hammond sound, the solid rhythm section, the peculiar guitar and voice are the ingredients of this amazing record.

GLI AVVOLTOI - Confessioni Di Un Povero Imbecille

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  • Artist: GLI AVVOLTOI
    Title: Confessioni Di Un Povero Imbecille
    Format: digi CD
    Release date: Sept. 2016
  • 1. Sono Libero
    2. Vi Voglio Finalmente Tutti Qua
    3. 1991
    4. Giuro Lo Vedrai
    5. Confessioni Di Un Povero Imbecille
    6. Brucia
    7. 12 Gocce
    8. Il Contratto
    9. Una Camera Un Hotel
    10. Sipario

    11. Lancio
    12. Dammi La Mano
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