GLINCOLTI are a lethal mixture of funk, prog and jazz fusion. It's a test of courage, a raw diamond. Not only for the choice of being an instrumental band, but especially for the genre, that in Italy cannot count on a huge scene from many years and on few devoted lovers. It's not a lucky accident if Enrico Gabrielli from Calibro 35 appears as special guest. 13 spotty tracks, moving from quite different sounds: from "latin" and "South America" sounds, to warm atmospheres that recall Italian prog band PFM, to unexpected funky sound explosions, that make you move your leg. The track "Hutchinson" reminds Thomas Milian performing "Er Monnezza" on 70's Italian action cult movies. The famous band Oliver Onions is only one of the inspirations for this album: "the best funky season is there, from Kool And The Gang to Earth Wind And Fire". It's an album with great depth and sophisticated composition, even if the band is so young. It's robust, ensuring timely and exciting, there are a good and clean rhythm section, refined guitar riffs and beautiful and unusual woodwinds played by Alessandro Brunetta.

GLINCOLTI - Glincolti

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  • Artist: GLINCOLTI
    Title: S/T
    Format: CD

    Release date: April 4th 2012



    1.Relitto Fantasma

    2. Spettinati

    3. E Il Gatto Tornò Mentre I Topi Stavano Ballando

    4. Ruggine Sul Porto Degli Sbarchi

    5. Hutchinson

    6. Sud America

    7. Colpetti

    8. Apatia Metropolitana

    9. Perdiamo Colpi

    10. Cavalli Di Razza

    11. Un Pomeriggio Da Naturalista

    12. Condotta Zero

    13. Vita Su Altri Pianeti

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