GLINCOLTI - Visti & Imprevisti

The project GLINCOLTI was born in 2007 from an idea of the guitarist Alessandro Tedesco and the drummer Roberts Colbertaldo. After a few months spent in a rehearsal room playing and experimenting, they decided to involve Andrea Zardo as bass player. His contribution started shaping the band's instrumental sound, basically made of a juxtaposition of neurotic riffs and melodic interludes, often leaving room for long unbounded improvisation parts. In 2008 a second guitar has been unexpectedly preferred to the more traditional choice of a singer. So the six-strings sound of Federico "Jek" Iacono completed the line-up. His chords and psychedelic arpeggios perfectly blend with those of Alessandro and with the whole band's sound. Together they kept on brewing up a groovy mixture of progressive rock, funk and jazz accurately demonstrated in this debut album Visti & Imprevisti. From the funky-jazz riff of the opening track to the dark and wild atmospheres of the suite "Pirati", their music tells a very unique story. Each song ends up into the following one that slightly brings along something of the previous.

GLINCOLTI - Visti & Imprevisti

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  • Artist: GLINCOLTI
    Title: Visti & Imprevisti
    Format: CD

    Release year: 2010


    1. Visti
    2. Fili Scoperti
    3. Imprevisti
    4. Fuori La Testa
    5. Pressa
    6. Ferma Un Momento
    7. Preludio
    8. Pirati
    9. Fuga In Maggiolino
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