GOLIATH is an idea of Marco Bortoletto (drums on Maya Mountains, Judith, Tundra) and gathers 22 musicians and friends from the Italian underground heavypsych scene, met during live concerts and music festivals in recent years. The album collects 11 tracks, recorded between March 2010 and January 2012 by Marco Mago Zambon. GOLIATH has been released in 2012, distributed by Go Down Records.



GOLIATH nasce da un'idea del batterista Marco Bortoletto (Maya Mountains, Judith, Tundra) coinvolgendo 22 amici musicisti del panorama underground heavypsych italiano, conosciuti durante le esperienze live nel corso degli anni. Le 11 tracce sono state registrate tra marzo 2010 e gennaio 2012 da Marco Mago Zambon. GOLIATH viene pubblicato nel 2012 e distribuito da Go Down Records.

GOLIATH - Goliath

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  • Artist: GOLIATH
    Title: Goliath
    Format: LP


    1. Perinciso
    2. Twisted Mistery
    3. Blackdog Down
    4. Push Forward
    5. Rise Up
    6. Grave Of The Cowboy
    7. DBS
    8. Smoky Boondocks
    9. Driving Directions
    10. Dontlistendontsee
    11. Jpilogue

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