A band which you can guess all about by the name. Their sound is Rock with a big, fat "R", acid, mystical and as hot as a Death Valley noon. Powerful riffs sprinkled with melodic and psychedelic parts, a mix of stinging and mad guitars riding like wild horses. Their music leaves you with the feeling of being in front of various influences brilliantly mixed together, starting off from the 60s-70s up to some of today's most interesting sounds. On stage it seems they're offering themselves "body and soul to the devil" if the energy and emotion they display is anything to go by, switching from strong, heavy tones to bits which are as strong and powerful as a slap in the face. Since the earlier gigs, the band got a very good feed back from people, being them audience or journos. They draw attention beyond their music, for they shows are full of gimmicks which always take one by surprise such as when their flames-lover guitar player decides to set instruments or amp on fire just for a laugh. Well, next time these guys happen to be on your way, don't fucking miss them or you'll seriously regret it.."Nothing to say, this is real Fuel". They've played with: Brant Bjork & The Bros, Nebula, Michael Davis MC5, Josiah, Dozer, Gorilla, Ojm, Small Jackets and many others.


€ 10,00Price
    Title: Fuel | SOLD OUT
    Format: CD


    1. Miura
    2. Number
    3. Desert In A Drop
    4. C'mon Kill Me
    5. Serious In The Forest
    6. Formula
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