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GUNASH - Great Expectations

Great Expectations is the third album by the alternative rock band GUNASH and it’s a kind of movie about society. Like every movie, it uses different frames: panoramic shots on the very troubled world in which we live, the ironically self-absolutory (Stone Garden) and on our own place of birth seen by the Shakespearian line "...what is the city, but the people?" (Sicktown); cowboy shots where the protagonist faces his/her paranoic relationship with the others (Mirror); the one of subjection with the media (Need To Bleed); the relationship between lovers (Mean, Stray Dog And The Killing Silence). Then there are innermost details full of hope and uncertainty (Great Expectations); some disengagement to act as an outlet valve to the tension stored little by little (Gunash Blues); a macabre hymn to life (Death Comes). While the end credits are running, we understand the message that the film director wanted to communicate through his disillusioned look: we must nurse great expectations towards us, first of all. This album was born during latest American tour at the end of 2015. The band recorded 3 singles featuring Rami Jaffee, at the Fonogenic Studios in Los Angeles, California. In 2016 the band completed the recordings at Go Down Studio in Savignano sul Rubicone, featuring Rami Jaffee on keyboards and as artistic producer. The official video of the single "Death Comes" took months of work, involving more than 60 people and has been produced by the video productions label Babylon Film.



GUNASH - Great Expectations

€ 25,00Price
  • Artist: GUNASH
    Title: Great Expectations
    Format: white vinyl LP
    Release date: April 2017
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