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JENA - Womandile

"Womandile" is the debut studio album by JENA. Its 9 tracks are a mix of blues melodies with powerful and primitive riffs, lauding the anger, the fight for survival and the pursuit of freedom. The album begins with "The Spark" which is a brief introduction to the 2nd acoustic track "Cavemen's Rage" that has fast and violent shades of trash-metal (Pantera); "Eyes Of The War" has slower rhythm and stoner influenced guitar (Kyuss); "A-Train" is the most representative track, its riffs are rhythmic and very compact, the vocal line reminds of Down; "Womandile" is the titletrack, it has southern melody, sometimes "ramshackle", it is inspired by Down and Black Label Society; "Bounty Hunter" runs through high speed stoner rhythm (Orange Goblin); "Red-Blooded Sun" is a reflective, acoustic and sad moment, its stoner atmospheres become almost psychedelic (Down, Black Label Society); "Mean Machine" has fast and stoner sound, like "Bounty Hunter", with also trash-metal mood (Pantera, Orange Goblin); "Dreaming Van Cleef" is the end of this journey, with southern melodies and blues shades (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Down).



JENA - Womandile

€ 9,00Price
  • Artist: JENA
    Title: Womandile
    Format: CD
    Release date: October 2015
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