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KANI - Badass

"Badass" is not only the title of the 2nd album by Kani, indeed it's their lifestyle. After "Rockabeast" (2010 Nicotine Records), this full-length by the band from Vicenza adds to their hard and fast rock'n'roll a higher dose of rough in the production. The 10 tracks create a mix of arrogance and meannes, and some surprises too. The opening track is the ironic "Bud Is My Trainer" and Bud refers to Italian western actor Bud Spencer. "Elecric Church" is an hard bluesy track. "Go To Bed With Us" is a melodic track. "What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" quotes the philosopher Nietzsche. The punky "The Power Of Money" attacks the power of finance. The furious "Drink'n'Drive" speaks of a widespread youth problem. Listening to "Badass Boogie" we shall dance. "Die Hard" features a metal-sound. "We Bite" is an hyperspeedy track and the acoustic ballad "Dancing Star" closes the album.

KANI - Badass

€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: KANI
    Title: Badass
    Format: LP
    Release Year: 2012
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