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KARMA TO BURN - Live at Sidro Club

Bib blow at Go Down’s. Go Down Records' focus on the international rock'n'roll scene and its passion for genuine high quality stoner-rock is no longer a novelty in Italy. And then, in 2012 here's the label capturing the exceptional performance of the American power-trio at the Sidro club, on the occasion of Karma To Burn Italian tour and stop at Go Down's headquarter. Birth of a disc destined to become a valuable, much sought-after bootleg. 52 minutes of dizzying, incantatory powerful dilated sound, played at spatial volumes, as Karma To Burn spoiled us through the years. A "made in Italy" jewel, recorded and mixed by Leonardo Cola and Alfredo Gentili at Go Downs' studios. Enriched by hits coming from the whole K2B admirable career - all merged into a single track- and thanks to the fantastic artwork, the album ooze with the explosive charge the band after so many years still keep, and is destined to become a memento, a live rock 'n'roll class directly from the true American school. Straight to hell with Karma To Burn then!

KARMA TO BURN - Live at Sidro Club

€ 15,00Price
  • Artist: KARMA TO BURN
    Title: Live At Sidro Club
    Format: black vinyl LP
    Release date: March 2013
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