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MAD PENGUINS - El Capretto

MAD PENGUINS is an Italian rock band from Brescia. The band was born in 2007 and one year later the self-released EP "The Declaration Of Indifference" was out. In 2010 the band released the first studio album "When Tomorrow Hits", full of fury-grunge sounds. During the following promotional tour, the band played with bands such as Peter Pan Speedrock, Ministri, Karma To Burn and Orange Goblin. In the spring of 2013 the sophomore album "El Capretto" has been released. It is a concept album based on the philosophical concept of the übermensch and its sound is dark and rough.

MAD PENGUINS - El Capretto

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  • Artist: MAD PENGUINS
    Title: El Capretto
    Format: LP+CD
    Release year: 2013
  • SIDE A:
    1. Dragons United
    2. Finger Is My Name
    3. Akarus
    4. Trunk
    5. El Gordo


    SIDE B:
    1. Granpa Lives
    2. Transreptile
    3. Rat
    4. Moses
    5. Rain, Fog And Cold On Monday
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