"A Monkey Into Space" is the debut album by METEOR CHASMA. The opening track "Spaceship 2346" is the band’s adventure to conquer a planet playing stoner. "Neil Gagarin" is an instrumental song inspired by 2 space icons: Neil Armstrong and Jurij Gagarin. The 1st man on the moon and the 1st man in outer space came from very different cultures and societies, but they were brought together by the space age. "Ride A Meteor" is a car ride, with stereo speakers at maximum volume, starting from the moon, across the cosmos and the human mind, as long as it appears a meteor... The first song composed for the album is “Jupiter”, one of the greatest planets and also the king of gods. The last track "Life On Exoplanet" says goodbye to this trip... but is it really ended? To get an idea of other songs, let’s listen to the album composed by these 3 stoner lovers, the trip is guaranteed!



METEOR CHASMA - A Monkey Into Space

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    Title: A Monkey Into Space
    Format: CD
    Release date: September 2017
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