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PATER NEMBROT - Extended Pyramid EP

Less than 20 minutes of music to show an idea of sound is an hard thing but if you do that… well you know what you are handling. With this EP "Extended Pyramid" PATER NEMBROT melts psychedelic desert riffing with an extremely heavy 90’s attitude and the result is a striking piece of great music. Put the 12" coloured vinyl on the deck, side A opens with "Extended Prayer" which is a smoky ballad to doom that put together acoustic Alice In Chains thick atmospheres with 60’s naïf San Francisco backing vocals. "Solace When I Think I Live In A Post Post-Modern Era" starts with a punch in your face but, yet before you think it is just another stoner rock song, there it goes an Italian progressive riffing in the way of P.F.M., Balletto di Bronzo and Rovescio della Medaglia. Almost 6 minutes of heavy progressive crescendo before the voice enters the scene declaiming the lyrics which indeed are made with title’s words. There you get one of the best heavy psychedelic rock song of last years. If listening to side A you may have thought about band like Naam, Dead Medow, Motorpsycho, then you’ll find even no more reference listening to side B, containing the last chapter of the E.P. called "Exile", an 8 minutes space probe directed towards unknown lands, containing in its inside all the information needed to understand what means creating heavy psychedelic great blues riffs in the way of Black Sabbath, Mad Season and of course Pater Nembrot!

PATER NEMBROT - Extended Pyramid EP

€ 18,00Price
    Title: Extended Pyramid EP
    Format: white vinyl LP
    Release Year: 2013
  • 1. Extended Prayer
    2. Solace When I Think I Live In A Post Post-Modern Era
    3. Exile
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