In summer 2007 PATER NEMBROT decided to record their new songs at the Atomic Studio in Longiano, Italy, with Enrico ENRi Zavalloni. He collaborated with many international artists, such as Mike Patton (Faith No More), playing with him in the side project Mondocane. The result of those recording sessions is "Mandria". 11 tracks of pure stoner, psychedelic rock'n'roll, suspended between Italian 70's progressive and Seattle muddy guitars: from Hendrix's to Cobain's one.


Looking backward. Living the present, to build something better for future times. Music will help us to understand what means sharing energy, will, power, and truth. These few lines are written to describe my music, myself, my way of thinking, as a part of the everything. Words are important to bring outside what's on the inside. Groove, psichedelia, 70's, fuzz, screaming, believing. Don't you think I'm just a freak: I am like you, you are just like me.

A mix of: desert, psychedelia, progressive, stoner, heavy-screaming-grunge


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    Title: Mandria
    Format: CD


    1. Collirio D'Oltremare
    2. E' Permesso?
    3. Povero Diavolo
    4. Mandria
    5. Il Ponte Dei Frati
    6. Due Punti Per Una Linea
    7. F.T.
    8. Infrarosse - Part I (Eterna)
    9. Infrarosse - Part II (Ghirlande)
    10. Infrarosse - Part I (Brillanda)
    11. Reverberation
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