"Nusun" is the celebration of a circular feeling dwelling in a land where both a new and a missing sun pulse. This is maybe happening on Earth, actually on a planet where giant squids hide in the deep seas, magicians, amazons and bowmen fight, steam engine aircrafts fly and muddy river’s water flows. All of these elements contribute to shape the sound of these 9 songs, heavy, psichedelic and deeply heartfelt. "Nusun" has been produced by PATER NEMBROT & Enri Zavalloni and features Piotre Benton on synth, Petra Wallace on piano and Christian Peters (Samsara Blues Experiment) on synth on the song “Architeuthis”.


€ 12,00Price
    Title: Nusun
    Format: CD
    Label: Go Down Records

    Release date: 27th February 2016


    1. Lostman
    2. Stitch
    3. Architeuthis
    4. Young Rite
    5. El Duende
    6. Overwhelmed
    7. Uknap
    8. The Rich Kids of Teheran
    9. Dead Polygon
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