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PATER NEMBROT - Sequoia Seeds

PATER NEMBROT's "Sequoia Seeds" is an envolving psychedelic rock journey across spacy, 70’s and post-grunge lands. The album features progressive legend Enzo Vita (founder of the Italian progressive band Il Rovescio della Medaglia) on guitars. Vita joined the band during the recording sessions of Sequoia Seeds at the Atomic Studio in summer 2010 and played on the prog-rock anthem "Ratla Klim", adding oddity to "Awakening With Curiosity" and contributing to the final suite called "No Man’s Land".

PATER NEMBROT - Sequoia Seeds

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    Title: Sequoia Seeds
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2011
  • 1. The Weaner
    2. HAARP
    3. Supercell
    4. Three Gorges Damn
    5. The River
    6. Sequoia
    7. Once Were Mud
    8. Awakening With Curiosity
    9. Ratla Klim
    10. No Man's Land
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