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SMALL JACKETS - Play At High Level

Play At High Level is a nine-track bulletproof songwriting. From the supercharged accelerator of 'Extra Miles', to the dirty swagger of 'Jones Comin' Down', to the instant hook of 'Tell Me Baby', that's the true spirit of rock'n'roll, delivered straight from the heart, timeless to superficial trends or fickle producers. So you're in the frozen food section of your local supermarket playing air guitar and singing at the top of your lungs. Or you're on a mission to find every mirror-window-reflective surface in your house just so you can strike your best Mick Jagger pose. Or you feel like you're inside the lost soundtrack of Detroit Rock City, swiping your way to that Kiss concert and you don't care who is watching. That's the effect Small Jackets will have on you with their super-addictive debut Play At High Level. It's a high-octane mix of rock'n'roll, ragged soul and killer riffing.



SMALL JACKETS - Play At High Level

€ 15,00Price
    Title: Play At High Level
    Format: CD
    Release Year: 2004
  • 1. Ranch'n'Roll
    2. Tell Me Baby
    3. I Don't Know Why 
    4. No More Time 
    5. Extra Miles 
    6. Jones Comin' Down 
    7. Stop This Fucking Bore 
    8. If You Stay 
    9. Let's Start Playing

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