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SOLRIZE - Mano Cornuta

SOLRIZE was formed in December 2006 in Vienna. The band got 2 nominations for the Amadeus Music Award in 2009 as Best Album and Best Band. They played as opening act for ZZ Top, Europe, Marilyn Manson and John Garcia plays Kyuss in Austria. In August 2011 SOLRIZE went to the US to record their 2nd album produced by Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida, The Obsessed). It is called Mano Cornuta and sounds like a brilliant mix of punk-rock, hard-rock and heavy sound. The album manages to balance chunky riffs, lowtuned heavy bass sounds and psychedelic jams with 70's flair and modern styles. In just few words: awesome heavy rock!

SOLRIZE - Mano Cornuta

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: SOLRIZE
    Title: Mano Cornuta
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2012
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