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SPREAD - Vivi Per Miracolo

“Vivi per Miracolo” is the 3rd album by the Italian band SPREAD and it represents very well their musical path and all the shades of their sound. This time there aren't dark atmospheres, featured in previous albums, but strong moments don't miss. The title sounds like “being alive by a miracle” and it refers to the duality between the great wonder of life vs the anxiety of its uncertainty. In the same way the tracks have angelic melodies and then violent rushes. It’s an album born after a lot of musical improvisation and it has been recorded on tape by Alberto Ferrari (Italian musician, singer and songwriter, member of Verdena) during a live session, to keep the band’s real attitude.

SPREAD - Vivi Per Miracolo

€ 12,00Price
  • Artist: SPREAD
    Title: Vivi Per Miracolo
    Format: CD
    Release date: March 30th 2018
  • 1. Trumpolino
    2. Sottinsù
    3. Koskoosh
    4. C.C.N.N.P.P
    5. Cifre Uniche
    6. C'è Chi Non Lo Sa
    7. Fedora
    8. Spaghetti Aglio E Odio
    9. Come Nuovi
    10. Fuoco Di Paglia

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