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SWEET JANE AND CLAIRE - We Are Ready For The Electric Chair

"When you listen to bad music, it's a duty drown it in the conversation" (Oscar Wilde). From this point of view SWEET JANE AND CLAIRE is very introverted. The two members of the band hardly and proudly believe in their musical influence's power. From here they receive the impulse, and metabolize and stop it in time, into a own moody and vulnerable sound dimension. It's hard to describe them by a genre: they call themselves "electro garage, psych, underground", leaving a free interpretation of these four words. Their sound meets the language of pop and merges into a intuitive and enjoyable electro-clash form in which there's always a melodic component. In 2012 they realized the debut album Sticky Caramel Mind, that received excellent feedbacks from critics. In 2014 they were hired by Go Down Records, conceiving the sophomore studio album We Are Ready For The Electric Chair in which you can perceive an abysmal stylistic change of form and content. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alfredo 'Epi' Gentili at Go Down Studios and looks chaotic, aggressive and moody. Thirteen tracks characterized by turbulent and psychedelic drones, by a schizoid garage rock built on gentle acoustic arpeggios and burned by sudden distortion and acid and aggressive synthesizers. The title is a self-ironic provocation to disturb public opinion and the bigoted and pathetic moral sense. Also it's a tribute to the first and unreleased song written by Morrissey. The artwork was created by Adrian Velazco, Emiko Shimabukuro and Micosch Holland and edited by eeviac.

SWEET JANE AND CLAIRE - We Are Ready For The Electric Chair

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    Title: We Are Ready For The Electric Chair
    Format: CD
    Release date: December 2015
  • 1. Box Full Of Joy
    2. Radar
    3. Don't Be Cruel
    4. Rarefied Landscapes
    5. Sex Tex Mex
    6. Kim Deal
    7. Tied Limbs
    8. Teasing Play
    9. Scattering
    10. Sensorial Collapse
    11. Idol
    12. Bike In Heaven
    13. Gaza Raza

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