After the release of the debut self-titled album in 2010, TEMPLE OF DEIMOS began to peer into the heavens and its mysteries. Fabio was usually prowling around at night, on the hillsides surrounding Genoa. He was convinced of being able to attend a close encounter of the third kind that would inspire his music. After several failed attempts, finally, Fabio met a group of grey entities in a nonsense situation where he got abducted. The following months were very uncertain for the band, but even without their singer, Riccardo and guests David Lenci and Fabio Cuomo (Eremite, Mope) entered the studio for the recording sessions of the new album at the Blue Records Studio in Mondovì in April 18th 2013. There they found Fabio, just released and dropped directly on the roof of the studio. He was totally naked, but ready to st