ASTROPHONIX, in collaboration with Go Down Records, present their 3rd album after 10 years music of story between live shows, studio albums, press and public consents. This new album is the result of artistic maturity of the band, highliting the great skills of each musician including composition and originality – keys that make this band unique and recognizable during these years. Since the first tracks the album opens with a very straight rock sound, modern and distintive, never forgetting all various influences that the band have always espressed and interpreted with personality. From straight rock’n’roll to punk, between rockabilly and psychobilly, all very closed roots for the band since the beginning. All different influences are always interpreted with great modernity, freshness and strong personality. “Reaction” is a journey into rock history through modern keys – that’s what make this band special in their genre. The 3rd album confirm ASTROPHONIX as out-the-ordinary ability musicians. Just like they did in the first two records “Suspended Time” and “Mental Interference”, each member of the