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THE DEVILS - Live At Maximum Festival

Go Down Records is thrilled to release a new Live at Maximum Festival and to do it featuring THE DEVILS’ fiery performance, which closed in glory the first post-pandemic edition. A massive and super enthusiastic audience joined all the artists to make a blast and celebrate this much-needed and long-awaited return to live music. The Naples-based duo’s live set was a final act as exciting as fireworks and when we listened to the recording, we had no doubts: we proudly welcome The Devils to our crazy musical family! Their live show is wild, sexy, and uninhibited. That’s what they state:

“Gigs are crucial for us, not only as a band but in our lives. During the performance everything makes sense and it’s so meaningful that the rest of the time becomes a waiting. In that moment we feel real to the core and completely at ease. We are two party animals and that’s all. Staging is the only way to take revenge against all the things that annihilate us in the routine. It’s a holy place where you cannot lie, a representation that sublimates reality, and where you can really feel at home. Even making records is just an excuse to play live. Touring is our real need, more than writing songs. We performed hundreds of gigs and didn’t remember this one being recorded, so it came as a big surprise. This album is as raw as we like and it sounds more like a bootleg than a precise and edited official live. There’s nothing set or planned here. What we’re interested in is the excess of the shows, to reveal the secrets, the instincts, and the innermost desires that inhabit our own abyss, to provoke some healthy priapism and to shake some ass, as rock’n’roll command!” - The Devils

THE DEVILS - Live At Maximum Festival

€ 15,00Price
  • Artist: THE DEVILS
    Title: Live at Maximum Festival
    Format: digisleeve CD
    Release date: January 20th, 2023

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