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THE LAST KILLERS - Violent Years

For someone who's 16 years old today, or for someone who wants to feel like "sixteen again",it makes no difference if a record is recorded in 1965 or 1981 or 2016. 

NO!!! Garage rock is not an historical phenomenon. It's an attitude, a mindset that encapsulates the essence of rock'n'roll. The passion, the anger, the insecurity, the frenzy... but the actual music is not about the past, but of things yet to come. There will always be new 16-years-olds who weren't born to work, there will always be new generations who believe it's become necessary to reinvent the wheel all over again. Then suddenly find a music that could be played over and over again, louder and louder, which made me so intoxicated that I could stand in front of the stereo filled with convinction that I could do whatever I want... that's a very special experience!

A mix of: garage r'n'r power

THE LAST KILLERS - Violent Years

€ 10,00Price
    Title: Violent Years
    Format: digi CD
    Release date: March 2010

  • 1. Bye Bye Baby
    2. Paperbag
    3. Flesh And Proud - featuring Brian Auger
    4. Don't Fuck My Babysitter
    5. Whatcha Gonna Do
    6. Jungle Woman
    7. R'n'R Washing Machine
    8. Just One Kiss
    9. Robot Lover
    10. Yeah
    11. Jungle Woman (Part Two)
    12. Nasty Seed

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