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THE MORLOCKS - Easy Listening For The Underachiever

There are records that represent a remarkable event, and so is Easy Listening For The Underachiever, the return of one of the most relevant bands from the 80's garage renaissance: THE MORLOCKS. The promise to reunite The Morlocks became true: now they are back with a new line-up and the result is this, the ultimate declaration of love to garage-punk, an album out of time and out of compromise. This is “blood, sweat and tears”, just take it or leave it! Now it is released for the first time in Europe.

A mix of: garage-punk, psychedelia and rock'n'roll.

THE MORLOCKS - Easy Listening For The Underachiever

€ 10,00Price
  • Artist: THE MORLOCKS
    Title: Easy Listening For The Underachiever
    Format: digi CD
    Release year: 2008
  • 1. Dirty Red
    2. Sex Panther
    3. Teenage Head
    4. My Friend The Bird
    5. You Burn Me Out
    6. Cat (On A Hot Thin Groove)
    7. Get Out Of My Life Woman
    8. Till The Wheels Fall Off
    9. Just A Little Bit

    10. You Burn Me Out (live)
    11. Hate (live)
    12. The Morlocks Interview

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