"Yeaagh!" is an adequate reaction to the San Diego denizens THE MORLOCKS, who are also definitely a live band scene. The guys could be right off the "Back From the Grave" series (a must for all collectors). These cats can wail! I was a little over powered at first, but it's grabbed me since and now I'm a fan. The Morlocks are a real rave-up, truly garage thrash. Singer Leighton goes through his paces with a voice that knows no pain. The guitars play full steam on just about every number. The Morlocks are a sort of cross between the Standells, the Count Five and the Phantom.

It would be hard to say which cuts I favor - probably "By My Side", "Judgement Day" and "Born Loser."

Stephen Pocock

Maximum Rock & Roll - #32, January 1986


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  • Artist: THE MORLOCKS
    Title: Emerge
    Format: green vinyl LP | 500 copies limited edition
    Release year: 2008
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