The divine wind still blows, THE ROCK'N'ROLL KAMIKAZES brings with it a new air, an air of change, our four heroes proceed and advance on a new path, with roots firmly planted in the rhythm'n'blues and in the rock'n'roll, the Kamikazes are growing, up and down. 10 new songs that are more personal, more critical of the modern world, of its conformism and its silence, sometimes ironic and sometimes suffered, moments of melancholy and total hedonism. The uncertainty of the future, but with the joy in dealing with it, rock'n'roll is really a very serious thing, as Guy Portoghese (1968-2012) said. In the new album "My Town" (Go Down Records / Latlantide) there is a lot of truth, it is sung in Scottish, the mother tongue of singer Andy, rather than in American, the mother tongue of rock. A personal challenge succeeded, that of finding the pathos and the melody of blues and soul in one's accent, without re-proposing pre-packaged models. The guitars range through radically different shades, from the delicacy of the blues to the more rabid punk, the unusual use of the dobro, the rural blues instrument of the origins and here electrified and distorted, the dynamic and tight rhythms, the improvised arrangements to perfection express the whole rebellion and the urgency of a music that does not surrender to the homologation and does not take refuge in the testimony of an idyllic past, the forms evolve, but the spirit remains that of rock'n'roll. The title? "My Town". The song evokes the struggle to save Mutonia, the home of the Mutoid Waste Company for more than 20 years and threatened with eviction, but it can be the fight song of a village of Indians or a country in Val di Susa, choose your protest!




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    Title: My Town
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2015
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