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THE SADE - Damned Love

THE SADE was born in 2008 and one year later the band cut its own EP. Then they played many gigs all over Italy, but it is with "Damned Love" that they established their presence in the Italian and international rock scene. 13 damned explosive rock tracks that hits the listener's ears with striking force. They range from powerful hard-rock riffs to speed rock and reckless rock'n'roll, with the occasional swedish touch and a mostly american taste encompassing blues, stoner and doom-psychedelia as well as easy-listening tunes and shades of dark, new wave, punk and glam. All is performed with astounding groove and energy. The 60s are hinted at, the 70s are recalled, the 80s and the 90s are explored and  more versatile and modern attitude is reached in the end. The tracks in this eclectic and multi-faceted album are nonetheless consistent in music and lyrics, to the point of almost constituting a concept album about doomed love, sex, rock, life and death, all laced with dark psychedelic visions. The production is remarkable, with its own poetic quality, a "new" rock that never stoops to commonplace solutions and skillfully mixes different influences into a recognizable style, thanks in non small measure to an outstanding performance. Visionary, powerful, twisted and ultimately rock!

THE SADE - Damned Love

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  • Artist: THE SADE
    Title: Damned Love
    Format: CD
    Release date: April 2011
  • 1. Sadism
    2. Run For Me My Darling
    3. Live You Again
    4. Demon’s Heart
    5. Deaf Love
    6. Dead Man’s Bones (The Dead Man Blues)
    7. Borderline
    8. Dream On
    9. Love Lies
    10. New Fetish Revolution
    11. Nice Trash
    12. Celebration
    13. Alcoholizer
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