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THE SADE - Nocturna

Nocturna is a gloomy album, influenced by the pandemic situation of the last two years and it further increases the already dark style of THE SADE. This work collects eclectic tracks composed between 2019 and 2020, which move far away from the rock’n’roll vibes of the early days, to turn into a new dark-wave and goth mood.

The cover with the black rooster is emblematic, and complex and represents the triumph of the “beast” in a pessimistic and nihilistic depiction of the human condition, which is now more fragile and guilty than ever. It is a visual recall of the Middle Ages as a time of darkness, dominated by ignorance and uncertainty, comparable to what we are experiencing today. The rooster is a symbol of passage between life and death, light and shadow, beginning and ending, fall and rebirth, unstable like the mood during recent lockdowns. It leads us on a musical journey into the deep darkness of this alienation: melancholic moments alternate with massive doses of synthetic sounds, with 80s and post-punk overtones. But The Sade’s rock roots are indelible.

The lyrics are gothic and wistful, evoking the nigredo, the great work, the dark night of the soul, the decay of spirit and ideas to reach the next musical dimension. Out of an end comes the shift to a more mature time. The duality between dusk and dawn merges into one luciferous divinity, but evil can become a source of light in the constant search for love beyond.

So we come to the end of the night, hoping that the new day will bring an awakening of consciousness. After all, light always comes after darkness.



THE SADE - Nocturna

€ 15,00Price
  • Artist: THE SADE
    Title: Nocturna
    Format: digisleeve CD
    Release date: October 28th, 2022

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