Imagine for a while that Italian rock music in the 70's was the driving force behind the rock movement. Forget bands like Hendrix, The Who or anyone you could possibly think about. THE SHOES would have been the band that everyone was trying to emulate. Coming back to reality, nowadays it’s 2011 and someone forgot to tell to this band that they sounds like in the 70's. However, who's complaining? If 70′s rock, played by bands like Mountain, Free or Bad Company, is your cup of tea, keep reading this! The tunes on this debut album are pretty damn solid. It’s full of heavy riffs that will rock you out like in the summer of 1974. Songs like "Waiting On The Web" and "Hang On" resemble songs by the mighty Led Zeppelin. "Rescue Me" and "I’m Bored" have a nice boogie that makes you wanna dance. "Two Loves" closes out the album with a slow mood, that resembles more a late 60's rock track and it is certainly not out of place. In fact it shows a bit of diversity in their music. You can hear lots of 70's influences, as I mentioned. Blues rock is the primary sound, but there are others scattered through out. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because I think we have a new driving force to the whole 70′s retro-rock movement ...and it's not coming from the US, nor the UK, nor Sweden.


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  • Artist: THE SHOES
    Title: s/t
    Format: CD
    Release year: 2010
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