VERACRASH is one of the Italian’s finest realities, if you’re into stoner rock, doom or whatsoever. Outsiders by vocation, they sound like QOTSA on LSD, engagin’ a bloody fight with Melvins and Neurosis. After their acclaimed debut album 11:11 in 2009, Veracrash are back with this new album My Brother The Godhead. Produced in cold Sweden by Truckfighters’ axeman Niklas Kallgren, it is the second full lenght of the band and it goes straight to the point. A sharp riffs rain, a "sludgy" sound and lyrics inspired by the most extreme conspirationism and cyber-gnostic knowledge. A must have for all stoner heads.

VERACRASH - My Brother The Godhead

€ 20,00Price
  • Artist: VERACRASH
    Title: My Brother The Godhead
    Format: clear vinyl LP
    Release year: December 2012
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