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VARIOUS ARTISTS -  Wild Sound From The Past Dimension

Go Down Records & Associazione Culturale Circolo Fantasma celebrate their passion for r'n'r with this compilation containing the wild and primordial sound of the 60's and 70's. It's a collection of reviewed and interpreted pieces either by underground band or by true pillars of the national and international stage, all of them with unquestioned artistic value. "Wild Sound From The Past Dimension" is composed of the pieces that have enjoyed for 4 years the evenings and the concerts organized by the Circle: not a "soulles" collection but "ad hoc" covers played by the band involved in the project. 60ies and 70ies classics and dark gems replayed by 22 Italian bands (Not Moving, The Rippers, Ray Daytona, The Intellectuals, ENRi, The Caveman, Small Jackets, The Valentines) and international bands (The Playboys/FR; White Flag/US; Gorilla/UK). An electric sound cascade for the mind and the body: a travel through r'n'r, garage, freakbeat, hard rock, punk, from Elvis Presley to the psychedelic Pink Floyd, passing through the Beatles, David Bowie, The Kinks, The Small Faces, Brian Auger. It's important to underline the presence of MC5, The Monks, The13th Floor Elevators, The Sorrows, The Continentals, The Merry Dragons, which are probably unknown for the most, but important in the 60's as they created the wildest sound (garage punk) that swept away the conformism. Naturally here you find excerpts composed by icons like Jimi Hendrix (Stone Free) and Iggy Pop (Search&Destroy), that brought to the Motorhead hard rock and to the notorious punk of The Cramps e The Real Kids. The project, emotional and not commercial, went in port thanks to the passion of the phantoms, to the band involved and to the friends of the Circle, among them the "magical" hands of Matteo Guarnaccia, author of 2 valuable printings enclosed to the cd and of the logo of the Compilation, and Laura Timpano, author of the graphic part of the project. The compilation was printed in limited bound edition, while official exit will be in stores at the end of September: in concomitance to the event will be organized a party inside of the show "Rainbow Days", a two days of Music and Counterculture organized from the Circolo Fantasma, where the groups involved will play.


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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Wild Sound From The Past Dimension

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  • Artist: VV.AA.
    Title: Wild Sound From The Past Dimension
    Format: limited edition digipak CD
    Release year: 2007
  • 1. THE FARAONS - Baha-Ree-Ba! [Nocturnes]
    2. ENRI - Black Cat [Brian Auger]
    3. LES PLAYBOYS - Universal Vagrant [The Merry Dragons]
    4. THE INTELLECTUALS - Complication [The Monks]
    5. RAY DAYTONA - Sick And Tired [The Continentals]
    6. THE CAVEMEN - I Need You [The Kinks]
    7. LES BONDAGE - Suffraggette City [David Bowie]
    8. THE RIPPERS - Let Me In [The Sorrows]
    9. NOT MOVING - Kissin' Cousin [Elvis Presley]
    10. DOME & THE NOT RIGHT - Lucifer Sam [Pink Floyd]
    11. PATER NEMBROT - Reverberation [The 13th Floor Elevators]
    12. GORILLA - Limb From Limb [The Motorhead]
    13. ELECTRIC 69 - Search & Destroy [Iggy & The Stooges]
    14. LOSFUOCOS - Sister Anne [MC5]
    15. SMALL JACKETS - Tin Soldier [The Small Faces]
    16. THE VICTORIANS - Stone Free [Jimi Hendrix]
    17. THE CHRONICS - All Kinda Girls [The Real Kids]
    18. THE VALENTINES -Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? [The Cramps]
    19. WHITE FLAG - Both Sides Now [Joni Mitchell]
    20. SATOR - Touch Too Much [The Arrows]
    21. THE TEMPONAUTS - That's How Strong My Love Is [Otis Reding]
    22. SGT PEPPE - Love You To [The Beatles]
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