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Quiet Confusion is an Italian Stoner Blues band

Quiet Confusion


QUIET CONFUSION formed as a rock’n’roll/psych/blues band in Verona (Italy) in 2009. The common goal of these musician friends was the urge to get away from the routine and, at the same time, to channel their creative energy to search for a wild and exciting sound. Just one year later they produced their first EP.


In Winter 2011 they recorded the self-produced full-length debut album Jungle, released on CD in 2012. They shot a music video for the single “Rock Till I Ride” and started to get known.


In 2013 they signed with Go Down Records for the release of their sophomore album Commodor. The live recordings took place at Mellowsong Studio, under the artistic production of Max Ear, drummer of OJM and Ananda Mida, as well as co-founder of the label Go Down. In 2014 the album dropped on CD and it has been welcomed by reviewers and audience alike.


In 2017 the band shuffled the line-up. Antonio Cortina on guitar and Mattia Stefani on drums released the third self-produced record China Pensionne as a power duo, distributed on CD and online by Go Down Records.


Later Mattia took a break from the project and Giovanni Franceschini replaced him on drums. Roberto Panarotto joined the band on bass, so the revamped trio started working on new songs. In January 2021, the digital single “Wastin’ Time” was launched along with a music video. The track was recorded live and it is a prelude to the release of Quiet Confusion’s fourth studio album, called Magella, out in 2022.


Over their career Quiet Confusion performed as opening act for international artists such as Danko Jones, Leighton Koizumi, Brant Bjork and Lords Of Altamont.



Antonio Cortina | vocals, guitar

Giovanni Franceschini | drums

Roberto Panarotto | bass






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Quiet Confusion