Shame On Youth is an Italian Stoner Rock band

Shame On Youth!




The band takes shape with the four current members in 2015. They introduce themselves with a first self-produced demo Zer (2017) and now with a full length album Human Obsolescence (2020 Go Down Records).


SHAME ON YOUTH! is led by the clash of two different musical past of the members, that of hardcore punk and garage rock. This mix of backgrounds gives the band a raging primal sound, made by the same matter the songs tell about: DISTORTED, like times we’re living and don’t seem belonging to us; FUZZY as the human mind facing the world wide communication system; FAST like the Machine’s clock that imposes us how to live, expand and consume; HEAVY, like the weight passed down from one generation to another. A burden of shame that shapes the truth. Shame on youth!


Tomas | guitar, vocals
Matteo | bass, vocals
Georg | guitar, vocals
Federico | drums




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