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Three Eyes Left band

Three Eyes Left


THREE EYES LEFT is a heavy-psych-doom band from Bologna, Italy. They started in 2004 and soon became a breath of fresh air breath in the Italian underground scene.

After a demo and two EPs, the band was reached by Go Down Records, one of the most appreciated heavy-rock label in Italy. In May 2013 the band released its first album La Dance Macabre, getting excellent reviews from music magazines and webzines.

Three Eyes Left have played over 200 gigs throughout Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, Swiss and Austria. The band has shared the stage with many seminal bands such as The Misfits, Wino (from Saint Vitus), Cripple Bastards, White Hills, Dead Meadow, Church Of Misery, Pater Nembrot, Maruta, Void Of Sleep, OJM, Veracrash and many others.

In May 2014 they took part at Doom Tales Festival in Gera, Germany, performing as one of the three headliners, with Electric Moon and The Graviators. In October 2014 they recorded their sophomore full-length called Asmodeus, that was released in March 2015 via Go Down Records.



Maic Evil | vocals, guitar
Andrew Molten | bass
Klaus Luther Stern | drums



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